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Are you planning the Restoration of your house in Vicenza? Or do you need some small works to be done, like restoring the bathroom or changing doors and windows? Listrani Srl is the right company for you. We work with the best vendors and we can offer an all-around service: from the smallest maintenance works to the full renewal of your house, you can rely on Listrani Srl, who has been worked for many years with families from Vicenza. There you can see our main services.

Your New Electric Power System

Choose Listrani Srl to restore the electric power system of your house in Vicenza! In a very little time you will have the top quality new electric power system perfectly set following the latest Legislation. It will let you save a lot of money on the electricity bill, and you will be able to live your house at fullest. In a few days we will substitute your old electric system, disposing of it in the respect of the environment; we will set the new fireproof electric lines, the new switch boxes and the new plugs – all of the materials will come from certified brands, and we will release the compliance certificate.

Learn more about Restoring your Electric Power System and about the energetic classes, and choose the highest quality at the best price!

Your New Heating System

Don’t forget the importance of a new heating system when restoring your house in Vicenza: you will avoid the risk of having to dismantle all over again discovering too late that you have worn-out tubes! Listrani Srl is a cutting edge company on the field of eco-friendly restoration of your heating system in Vicenza. With punctuality and precision we will dismantle your old system, positioning the new ecologic and safe tubes – all of them will be certified. We will position new valves and alarm sensors for the security of your home, and we will plug all your appliances in.

Learn more about the Restoration of your Heating System and all the possibilities about boilers and tubes, and put your restoration in our hands!

Your New Bathroom

When facing a home restoration, it is important to pay attention on the only one room that we will surely use every day, more than once a day – the bathroom! Beyond the aesthetic reasons, like giving a new look to the floor and the walls, restoring the bathroom is extremely important for the comfort and hygiene of the house: new pipes will provide constant water pressure, new bathroom fixtures are much more hygienic, the anti-mold painting will avoid its development.. We work with the best vendors to offer you the best materials. Give yourself the pleasure of a new bathroom with Listrani Srl for your home in Vicenza!

Learn more about Restoring your Bathroom in Vicenza, the steps of the work and our great vendors for your brand new bathroom!

Your New Floor

Replacing the floor is not a small work, and if you already live in that house it is mandatory to move all the furniture; anyway, changing the pavements can give your home a brand new look. Playing with colors and materials, in fact, you can change the appearance of your house completely. Contact Listrani Srl to replace the floor of your house: you will have the chance to choose among hundreds of different options, offered by certified vendors. Our technician will evaluate if it is necessary to remove the older floor before setting down the new one.

Learn more about changing your floor, and discover the large variety of beautiful, certified materials for your new floor in Vicenza!

Your New Plasters and Claddings 

Upholstering the walls of your house with natural plasters and claddings is like having an electricity-free conditioning system that guarantees a healthy and comfortable environment. Listrani Srl will be able to improve the health of your home using products made by natural lime, totally toxic-free and able to absorb humidity and harmful substances. These new plasters will definitely improve the standard of living of your home!

Learn more about the importance of choosing natural lime plasters and claddings for you house!

Your New Doors, Windows and Gates

Doors and windows are much more than a way to enter light and air in your home: due to the latest technology, in fact, they become a very useful tool to save money on heating, and thanks to their design they can also be a part of the furniture of your home. With modern windows, technologically advanced and perfectly set up, you will have the chance to lower the thermostat of a few degrees, though keeping your home warm, saving money on the heating bill, and keeping your house fresh in the summer by reflecting the solar rays out.

Learn more about the benefits of changing new doors, windows and gates!