Your New Plasters

Improve the life quality of your home with natural plasters and claddings with Listrani Srl!

Upholstering the walls of your house with natural plasters and claddings is like having an electricity-free conditioning system that guarantees a healthy and comfortable environment. Listrani Srl will be able to improve the health of your home using products made by natural lime, totally toxic-free and able to absorb humidity and harmful substances. These new plasters will definitely improve the standard of living of your home!

How can you create an environment using products made by natural lime?

First of all, we create a support layer in natural lime which is applicable to all the pre-existent materials. This layer will be 3-5cm thick, and will create thermic and acoustic isolation in the rooms. After this operation, we will apply the plaster; with one application we will be able to create a layer up to 5 cm thick. This natural lime will absorb humidity, avoiding the mold formation, and all the harmful substances that create stuffiness. Then we will paint the walls with natural mineral painting, obtaining a toxic-free and ecologic surface.

Eco-Friendly and natural Claddings and Plasters

As previously said, upholstering walls with natural claddings and plasters will improve the quality of living of your house. Well-isolated walls, windows and walls create a good thermic and acoustic comfort, but might not be always enough. In fact, into old houses the excessive humidity might create unhealthy mold; in modern houses, instead, dry air might create unhealthy conditions due to dust etc. Natural claddings and plasters can absorb humidity and unhealthy substances thanks to the high pH of lime that has a natural fungicide and germicide effect. Moreover, lime absorbs and degrades toxic substances, like CO2. It is totally natural and has no toxic substances, so it is suitable for homes with kids, too. It is perfect both inside and outside of the house, for it has a great resistance against atmospheric agents; therefore, it lasts longer than any other kind of plaster and avoids heat dispersions in winter and overheating in summer.

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