Your New Bathroom

Your New Bathroom in Vicenza with Listrani Srl!

When facing a home restoration, it is important to pay attention on the only one room that we will surely use every day, more than once a day – the bathroom! Beyond the aesthetic reasons, like giving a new look to the floor and the walls, restoring the bathroom is extremely important for the comfort of the house: new pipes will give a constant water pressure, new bathroom fixtures are much more hygienic, the anti-mold painting will avoid its development.. Give yourself the pleasure of a new bathroom with Listrani Srl for your home in Vicenza!

How does the restoration of the bathroom work?

Restoring the bathroom is something that worries – how long will it take until I will be able to use it again? Will all the work be done in the defined time? With Listrani Srl you will not have to worry – you will have your new, restored bathroom in a very small time, with certified and high tech bathroom fixtures, tiles, paintings and materials needed. All of the technicians that will work on your house are certified and professional. Specifically, these are the phases for a bathroom restoration:

First Phase: Dismantlement of the old floor

This is the longest and noisiest phase of the whole restoration; first the water flow is closed and the bathroom fixtures removed, putting temporary caps on them to avoid any water spilling. Once this operation is done, the old tiles will be manually or electrically dismantled, and will then be ecologically disposed of.

Second phase: restoration of the water system

It’s the most important phase of the restoration of a bathroom. The water circuit (the one that dispenses hot and cold water, made in PVC, high density polythene, stainless steel or multi-layer) will be restored, and the seals weld in order to obtain a long lasting pressure-proof system.
Moreover, a new general float valve will be installed, which will give the chance to isolate the bathroom in case of water leak without having to disconnect the whole water system of the house. Our qualified technician will do this operation and release a compliance certificate.

Third phase: restoration of the electric system

As for the water system, a qualified technician will install the new electric system providing a compliance certificate that will have to be kept in case of controls or incidents. This certificate refers to the latest legislation.

Fourth phase: restoration of the plaster

When the old tiles are removed, the greatest part of the plaster will come off with them; therefore, it is necessary to redo it to give a new solid base for the new tiles. First, we will control that all the plaster is removed, then the new one is posed, as a basis for the new tiles. The new plaster will have to be posed perfectly, so the tiles will look at their best. Listrani Srl works with the best vendors of tiles that will give you the chance to choose the perfect materials and colors for your bathroom.

Fifth phase: restoration of the screed

Once finished with the walls, the work on the floor start. First, the new screed is posed; on that, in turn, the new floor will be posed. The screed is about 5cm high, and it is constituted by a metal network to limit the formation of small cracks that might ruin the new floor. This flat surface will be perfect for the positioning of the new tiles that will perfectly adhere.

Sixth phase: positioning the new floor and cladding

First of all, the support is created – flat, without cracks and well cleaned. Then, the glue for tiles is prepared and then the tiles are positioned. We work with the best tiles vendors that will allow you to personalize your bathroom entirely. After this operation, the leaks will be plastered and the new surfaces cleaned with a neuter soap.

Seventh phase: positioning the bathroom fixture

Once the walls and floor are ready, the new bathroom fixture are positioned and connected to the water system. We offer a large variety of vendors providing the best bathroom fixture to substitute the old ones.

Eighth phase: painting

The part of the walls that are not covered in tiles will be controlled, cleaned and prepared for the painting. The painting for the bathroom, which is the wettest room of the house, will be anti-mold to avoid its formation. Hygiene and beauty is long lasting guaranteed!

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