When speaking about the Restoring of a House we mean all of the construction and installing interventions that involve the building, both internally and externally, either if the renovation is complete or partial. The first thing to know when facing a renovation is that in Italy it is mandatory to have the municipal authorization for each intervention to do, even for the most partial ones like painting the walls or changing the floor. Disentangling among the folders and communications to be given to the different municipal departments could be very binding and could take a lot of time; one of our technicians could take care of this all on your behalf.

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These are the steps to be taken when facing a Home Restoration: first of all, we would be glad to arrange an appointment in one of our offices, so you would be able to tell us which work you would like done in your house. We do not submit estimates via mail; we cannot be precise in the evaluation of the expenses, nor of the prices and schedule unless we have seen the property first. We think that transparency of the estimate is essential. After our first meeting, we would plan the date of the home inspection; in that occasion, our surveyor will tell you all the work that should be done in order of importance.

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Thanks to our long experience in the field of Restoration, we will be able to submit a precise and detailed estimate of the prices and schedule. Having seen the conditions of the property, knowing the year of construction and the materials used in building it, we will be able to foresee nearly all of the difficulties we might encounter, about the materials previously used, about the electrical system, the gas plan, etc. This way we will be able to prevent all the possible problems. Our technician will provide you a detailed estimate in every item of expenditure, so we could consider the best solution for all of your needs. You will not have bad surprises with us!

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If our estimate fits your budget we will plan together with you the start date and time of completion in the most precise way possible. Our goal is transparency; you will know all of the prices, the schedule, and be informed of all the steps of the Renovation. No hidden costs!
If our estimate is too high, we will evaluate all of the work to be done, beginning with the most important ones for the safety of your home. With our wide list of certified vendors we will be able to fulfill all of your needs, both about the schedule and the costs, planning a detailed research together with you, starting on your budget, letting you know step by step all the expenses.

Agevolazioni Ristrutturazione Casa

You will not have to worry with us – we will do all of the work following the latest security legislations, providing you of all the certifications of quality of our materials and of the technicians who will perform all the work. Our goal is transparency; we have offered a “keys in hand” service for a lot of years, precise in the schedule and costs and reliable on the quality. Moreover, we find that Ecosustainability is fundamental on the renovation of a house: we are certified with the TF Qualification – Construction Industry & Eco-Friendly Living organized by the Chamber of Commerce together with the University Cà Foscari of Venice. Listrani Ristrutturazioni is a certainty in terms of quality for your Home Restoration in Vicenza.

Listrani Ristrutturazioni happily work with American Citizens who live in Vicenza and wish to restore their home, either doing partial or important interventions. Contact us to have a perfect restoration – it would be like feeling at Home!