Your New Doors, Windows and Gates

Give a new look to your home and save money on the bills with new windows, doors and gates with Listrani Srl!

Doors and windows are much more than a way to enter light and air in your home: due to the latest technology, in fact, they can be a very useful tool to save money in heating, and due to  their design can also be a part of the furniture of your home. One of the most relevant expenses for a family is the winter heating. With modern windows, technologically advanced and perfectly set up, you will have the chance to lower the thermostat of a few degrees, though keeping your home warm, saving money on the heating bill. Thanks to new generation windows we can keep the warmth inside your house, closing the cold winter outside. Anyway, new windows are not useful for winter season only: the new double glazing, in fact, will make you save money on the summer conditioning reflecting the sun rays out of the house, though keeping a great light inside the rooms. But it’s not over – due to a peculiar acoustic seal with the double glazing windows you will also be able to keep the noise of the city out of your home. Replacing doors and windows will requalify your home both from aesthetic and energetic points of view, in order to raise its value in case of selling.

Internal doors are fundamental elements inside a house, but can be design elements, too. Doors have a defined purpose on a house: they separate one room from the other, soften the noises, give privacy to the inhabitants of the room and add aesthetical details to the rooms. Depending on the way they open and close, there are three kinds on doors:

Swing door: the traditional door, with one or two shutters, simple or divided into panels. It can have a framework or not; in case it doesn’t, it is called swing door “flush with the wall” for it becomes one with the wall, without being visible.

Sliding door: perfect for a rational use of the space. It can slide inside a framework or inside the wall, or in two rails positioned in the wall (sliding door “flush with the wall”)

Book doors: it is made by two or more panels that, once opened, put on top of each other splitting in a half the obstruction of the door; it is used for a rational use of the space.

Reversible door: thanks to the reversibility of the shutter and of the framework, the door can be opened in both verses.

Usually, a door is 80-100cm large and 200-210cm long; when restoring a house, and facing a larger hole, one can decide whether to reduce the hole or to ask for an out-of-standards door, that might cost more.
According to the legislation, each internal door must be accompanied by a specific product sheet that indicates the materials used, instructions on the maintenance of the door and its installations, and the possible presence of allergenic substances. Each door is guaranteed for at least two years. Choose to change the look of our house by changing its doors with Listrani Srl: you will have an embarrassing wealth of options!

The gate has no less importance!

It’s the entrance door of the house, and therefore must give an idea of the type of house it introduces to, trying to respect its style and materials. The gates models are infinite, and they depend on the materials and on the mechanism of opening. Specifically, we can have gates of various materials, like wrought iron, common iron, steel, wood.. It depends on the style of the house and on the preferences of its owners. The gates can be manual or automatic, sliding or swinging. It is important to focus on its functioning and security, especially if the house is inhabited by kids, too.

A new look begins on the outside of the house: choose among a large variety of different gates, with different colors, materials and shapes! Our doors, windows and gates are produced by renowned Venetian firms. With Listrani Srl you will give your house a new look at the best price and quality!

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