Our Story

Restore your House in Vicenza with Listrani Srl!

The history of Listrani Srl begins in the 60s with Tomaso Listrani, the grandfather of the current owner of the company, a building contractor who worked in the houses of the rich landowners and in the Churches of Vicenza and its surroundings. In the 90s, Giovanni Listrani , son of Tommaso, gave birth to a new construction company pulling alongside the restoration of houses and a shop in which the clients could come and choose floors and coverings. This way the corporate profile of Listrani Srl as we know it nowadays started developing, from the first headquarter and showroom based in Costabissara. The headquarter of Costabissara, fully renewed in its interiors and with a large variety of specialized vendors is in Via Cavour 62 in Costabissara, a few kilometers far from Vicenza. But that’s not the only seat: you can also discover our service in our Shoowroom in Vicenza, which is in Contrà Perscaria 20.

No more just works in homes as in the company held by grandpa Tommaso; the firm, now held by the namesake grandchild, boasts a high quality service, keys in hand, in which all of the mandatory works are perfectly realized – constructions, maintenances, any kind of restoration, posing of new floors, renewal of bathrooms.. These and many other services that you can find in our page Our Services. Nowadays Listrani Geom. Tommaso’s Listrani Srl is a high tech and dynamic company, with an eye on the new technologies and on the eco-sustainability of the restoration itself. The company does not only work on the restoration of the buildings, but also on the design and the technical and administrative expert advice. The goal of Listrani Geom. Tommaso’s Listrani Srl is to provide a perfect restoration, precise in the schedule, transparent on the budget and, most of all, careful and respectful of the environment.

“I would say this moment of difficulty is a moment of regeneration, where we, businessmen, can see a future of innovation, with an open mind to new technologies. Of course the rules have changed and we must acknowledge that, overtaking the fears and uncertainty of this moment. From now on we must begin again with a new innovation spirit, in order to change what is happening around us.”

Listrani Geom.Tommaso’s Listrani Srl