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Give your home a new look, replace your old floor with Listrani Srl!

Replacing the floor is not a small work, and if you already live in that house it is mandatory to move all the furniture; anyway, changing the pavements can give your home a brand new look. Playing with colors and materials, in fact, you can change the appearance of your house completely. Contact Listrani Srl to replace the floor of your house: you will have the chance to choose among hundreds of different options, offered by certified vendors. Depending on the house in which the floor replacement is required, our technician will evaluate if it is necessary to remove the older floor before setting down the new one, ecologically disposing of the remains. If the old floor must be removed, the new floor will be placed on its place; otherwise it will be placed over the old one. Our vendors give us the chance to offer you the best quality at the right price, and to choose among a wide range of colors and materials. Here’s a small guide to help you finding the most suitable floor for your home..

Porcelain Stoneware:

The porcelain stoneware had a great development in the latest years, improving the productive technology and the beauty result. Its characteristics of brightness and resistance make it the most versatile material, that can be used both for outdoor floors and for indoor ones, thanks to the high resistance to the exploitation and to its absence of porosity that make it spot proof. Moreover, it is characterized by infinite combinations of colors and finishing touches that make it suitable for every environment.


Wood is one of the most used materials in home environments, and it is no longer a material used in high class homes only. The warmth and comfort of parquet make it perfect for every home, even though it is quite delicate to exploitation and scratch. Anyway, new productive techniques make it last much longer, and the large variety of woods make it affordable for anyone.

Earthenware tile:

The earthenware tile is one of the most ancient materials used in the construction of floors – its presence is certified since the time of Ancient Egypt. Clay is the material used for the earthenware tile; once kneaded it is baked. It is a very versatile material with a pleasant country chic look. It is often used in luxury homes and country villas, both inside and outside of the house. It is a highly porous material, so it is very delicate and hard to clean; anyway, there are treatments that make it waterproof to protect the clay without losing its ancient, warm and cozy look, and its natural pinkish color.


It is the stone par excellance, with timeless fashion and priceless class – though being a very expensive material, it is still one of the Italians’ favourite. The colors of this stone are various: from the classic white, pink and ochre, to the beautiful green, blue or red.
It is usually chosen for large halls and common areas in high class hotels.
If you choose for marble, you are doing a high class choice – just remember that it is a very delicate stone, so you should not use aggressive cleaning soap.


Granite is a natural stone composed by quartz with a granular structure. It is not an easy material, but it has a great resistance to exploitation, compression and scratch, making it great for the outdoors, too. It is often used in kitchens and bathrooms; as for the marble, it has a lot of possible colors – white, grey, pink, red… Each field has its typical color. It is sold both in sheets and in tiles.

Single Fire Porcelain:

They are ceramics that are baked at high temperature (more or less 2000°C) so the colors and decorations are intensified. They are not very porous, very hard and resistant; therefore, they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. They have a very versatile look, perfect for every home; they can also be matched together to create beautiful mosaic effects. They have different measurements, from 2,5 x 2,5 cm up to 50 x 50 cm.

Double Fire Porcelain:

It is more delicate than the single fire porcelain and porcelain stoneware, due to their kind of baking that allows the best definition of colors and peculiar decorations (like sponge or relief decorations). It is baked twice: the first time, for the main support, at 1100°C, the second one – after the painting – at 1060°C. In case some special decorations are added, like golden or metallic shades, a third baking takes place. It is mainly used for walls, because they are less delicate than floors, and it looks really elegant. The double fire porcelain tiles can look brilliant or opaque, with infinite combinations of colors and texure.


Using leather for the floors is a very peculiar and classy choice. Leather is sold in wood or cork tiles that can be cut in any way. It is very suitable for offices or particularly furnished homes; anyway, it is a very delicate material that is not suitable for families with little kids.

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